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Review the Performance of a Public Employee

July 24th, 2013 at 3:23 pm by Jerry Galland
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Finally, the fire commissioners are going to talk about “Review the Performance of a Public Employee” tomorrow in Executive Session

Wonder who they are talking about?

As you hear the case of serial sexter Anthony Weiner, and understand he can not stop, do you really believe the local Fire Fighter only did what he was found guilty of ONCE?

Contacting a patient within 2 hours of treating.

Sending personal and sexual innuendo communications?

Only ONCE?

Supporters of questionable leadership

July 20th, 2013 at 7:14 pm by Jerry Galland
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Apparently some people will follow anybody. This has been demonstrated on the national stage, state stage and local stage. Even down to the fire commissioner.


It has been reported that Bill Gates made some very questionable decisions in the past few years. Costing us millions and maybe jeopardizing safety.


You were never told about the money spent on property for a new multi-million dollar administration building. But the debt still needs to be paid and not one brick has been laid.


Bill Gates had sudden inspiration to double the chief’s severance pay if we needed to fire him. Going from almost $170,000 to nearly $340,000. If WE FIRE HIM!!


You voted tax increases to hire more firefighters. Bill Gates opted spending the money on wage increases instead.


In these difficult times, when services are stretched and incomes are tight, why would anyone support these decisions?


Well, walking among you, and some in elected positions, are people that think this irresponsible action is just jim-dandy.


Check out this growing list of supporters of ‘More of the Same’. What a shame.


Supporters of questionable leadership.

Are you a victim of harassment?

July 12th, 2013 at 6:04 pm by Jerry Galland
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Records show that in February of 2012, FF Brandon Church used patient information obtained in the course of his duties to make contact with a patient he had treated only hours earlier.

Has your confidential personal information been used illegally?

Were you also harassed?


A few weeks ago I went to the doctor. There had been some time pass since I needed medical services and I updated some information, and reviewed a copy of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) form.


This is a critical document that every health care provider in the United States must abide by, safeguarding your personal information they keep in their records. This information is strictly controlled and limited to use only by those you authorize and only for the care you sought from the person you sought it from.


It requires health care professionals to never use or release your Personal Health Information (PHI) to anyone.


Violation can mean losing your job. And placing your employer at great risk.


Suppose to be, anyway.


Misappropriating your confidential information,

for person gain, with sexual innuendo and possible harassment


Ever had someone use your personal confidential information for other than official and proper reasons?


Like maybe invite you to a party, or just want to ‘connect’?


Maybe the contact was even more upsetting. Possibly something like sexting? Think Anthony Weiner


This can be very uncomfortable and difficult to deal with. Even embarrassing. After all, it was a person of trust that violated your privacy. Who do you turn to for help? Who will believe your story? Will you be blamed for coming forward?


Even worse, since it happened to you, how many other victims are there? Each too embarrassed, or worse yet intimidated, to come forward. Is the person that violated your privacy, maybe even harassed you with sexual innuendo, still ‘getting away with it’?


What if it were actions by a public employee, like say of a fire department?


Had something like this happened to you by an employee at your local fire department, you may not be alone.


Locally there is the case of Dr. Greg Summers, a chiropractor in private practice in Federal Way who has some allegations against him.


First, there was one woman who filed a complaint. Until then, no one publicly suspected there might be something wrong. Then as news got out, others found the strength to come forward.


Local firefighter guilty of using patient information obtained in the course of his duties to make contact with a patient he had treated only hours earlier. The investigation showed that contact with the patient was personal and included sexual innuendo. Including more investigations.

Public Service Announcement

June 27th, 2013 at 10:10 pm by Jerry Galland
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INJAM– Its Not Just About Me, by Tony Crow
Tony Crow is a motivational speaker with a great gift.

Instead of striking it rich in storage lockers, flipping houses or marketing the next pet rock, Tony only wants you to wake up tomorrow with all the same faculties you have today.

My employer asked Tony to speak at our safety meeting.

It was an emotional and moving event.

When was the last time you secretly wiped a tear from your eye? At work? So you coworkers would not notice? Then realized they were quietly doing the same thing?

If you ever get the chance, spend a few moments listening to him.

Just watching the 6 minute promo could be the best thing you did for yourself today. Really.

RIP Rudy.


Timing is everything

June 25th, 2013 at 10:12 pm by Jerry Galland
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It is said that timing is everything.


And so it was Sunday night in Des Moines.


South King Fire & Rescue responded quickly to control the boat fire in a covered portion of the marina.


Injuring two people with burns, the fire spread from the boat to other vessels and then to the dock and major structures.


The quick work of our firefighters was critical to keeping the fire from spreading and others from being injured.


Timing is everything.


One can only imagine the undercurrent within the department for the past several months that the department fire boat was out of commission. How can we protect the citizens when the boat is not functional?


As the days and weeks passed, and the team worked to overcome the many mechanical issues, each day must have brought minor relief that the boat was not needed that day to save lives.


From parts that failed from the manufacturer to the ubiquitous trailer not meeting requirements leaving the boat high and dry, members of SKF&R worked hard to put the boat back into service as soon as safely practical.


That effort, and many other behind the scene activities, was well rewarded Sunday when the fully functional boat, crewed with our well trained firefighters, responded to a fire at the Des Moines Marina.


It wasn’t that long ago that waiting for a boat from Seattle or Tacoma was protocol, which could have added several minutes to the response and unknown additional damage.


Thanks for a job well done!

Loss of a friend

June 23rd, 2013 at 10:52 am by Jerry Galland
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Sad news this morning.

A friend lost the battle with AML, a form of Acute Leukemia. Carroll Fisher passed away last night. Carroll was a Military veteran and active volunteer at many Federal Way organizations, human trafficking, homeless, veteran affairs, and more, including the founding inspiration for the fundraising event Rollermania

He will be greatly missed.

A heartfelt salute to you Carroll.

Election season approaches

May 15th, 2013 at 8:47 am by Jerry Galland
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Elect Jerry!!

In the interest of serving you with a dedicated watchful eye on the financial workings at South King Fire & Rescue, I am seeking your support to accomplish putting these core beliefs to work on your behalf. I look forward to representing my fellow citizens and voters on the South King Fire & Rescue Board of Commissioners.

          Core beliefs:

  • Open and accountable government 
  • Bringing a fresh outside perspective to issues 
  • Not just a career politician padding the retirement 
  • Still committed to finding the truth and workable solutions. 

I will continue working hard for public accountability and government transparency. We need an outspoken, straight talking commissioner now more than ever. I am the only candidate that fits that description.


Another waste of taxpayer money

April 16th, 2013 at 5:35 pm by Jerry Galland
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This blog is my opinion and not the opinion of the Federal Way Mirror.

The following are verifiable facts. I have provided many links.


A couple of years ago I stood up for the rights of gun owners after South King Fire & Rescue commissioner Jim Fossos made a big deal about guns being banned at the public meetings. He even got Chief Church to declare it to be true.

Of course, they were wrong.
Even their attorney tried to bully the public when he cited Cherry v City of Seattle to bolster their position. Cherry v Seattle correctly states employers may dictate firearms policy for employees. However, much the surprise of the fire departments attorney, chief and commissioners, they can NOT dictate to members of the public. So the chief, commissioners and the attorney are prohibited from carrying according to district policy in place as of this writing.

As much as they would like to restrict your rights, the fire department is not on the list of exemption.

Concerned that a member of the public would be illegally harassed, I took action.

The district has used bully tactics in the past. Notably when they illegally forced a citizen to stop video recording their open public meetings. This was corrected a month later when they ‘changed their policy’ to align with state law. That lead to a Cheer and Jeer for the year, and a state award for Andy Hobbs for best short story of 2011.

With some help from Nick Smith, a few of his Open Carry Washington friends, and a hastily called Special Meeting with police guard ‘in case needed’, the record was quickly set right.

And I was immediately branded “a potentially disruptive participant who has been known to carry an unconcealed gun”. (Lies from the gitgo, but if you can get enough people to believe…)

Now Commissioner Fossos is making more wild and false claims to officials in Olympia about me.

His paranoia railings raised enough fear that Andrea Doyle, Executive Director for the Public Disclosure Commission who, solely on the unconfirmed rant of one man, took the exemplary measure in making sure the state patrol has me on their list.

Ms. Doyle rushed through a contract with the Washington State Patrol to have a trooper guard the meeting, costing taxpayers 2 hours overtime, plus travel.

Read more about this saga on a blog written by a local firearms lawyer Mark Knapp

A primer on Spiking Fire Department Retirement at your expense

April 10th, 2013 at 3:44 pm by Jerry Galland
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It couldn’t happen here, could it?



April 8, 2013, Seattle Times – “State feels bite of workers’ ‘pension spiking‘”


April 9, 2013, Seattle Times – “Disabilities plague government retirees, even golfers


Our district is carefully managed by responsible elected officials and a deeply concerned administration, right?

Lets look at how one employee turned a paltry $84,718 salary into $236,214 in just 5 years! But more about Robert Stinnett in a minute.

From Mike Baker


In his Seattle Times series about how public employees use your tax dollars to benefit their brotherhood, several former employees, an unusually high number, were manipulating the system for personal gain with full knowledge and encouragement from leadership.

So when you read about late employment raises to enhance retirement benefits or ‘disability’ claims to collect tax-free payments, you remain calm and comforted knowing that the South King Fire & Rescue board of commissioners would not tolerate such flagrant taxpayer abuse.


Right….<turn sarcasm font on>



The Details on retiring RICH from public ‘service’

What is your reaction to one employee turning a measly $84,700 wage in 2007 into a whopping $236,214 in a mere 5 years?


You read that right. This “cash-strapped” district, publicly decrying a “crisis”, not only nearly tripled this man’s annual income, just to boost his retirement pay, they approved so much ‘Bonus’ pay for an administrator that they could have put another firefighter on the street!



Well it is actually pretty simple and a trend among public employees.You see, your retirement benefit is based on the last three years you worked. SO, if you are making a piddly $85k per year, and want a $120k retirement income, just pad the income for the 3 years before retirement.

Even if the department is screaming crisis. Even if the firefighters take wage freezes. Even if revenues DECLINE. Even if the chief sends out letters saying we need to raise revenues or people will die.


Robert Stinnett retired in late 2011. Jumping from $84,718 in 2007, to pad the retirement at your expense, his last three full years have incomes $90,492 in 2008 (modest 6.8% raise), $125,718 in 2009 (39% increase from previous year), $132,721 in 2010 (modest 5.5% increase from previous year) and for the first 8 months of 2011 he ‘earned’ $236,214.(78% increase from previous year) Some of that was probably from other sources but was still declared as wages so unless you can correct me, it counts towards his lucrative retirement check at taxpayers expense.

No wonder he was so desperate to get his buddies re-elected.

Retirement from public service is very lucrative when you have friends that will help you pad your nest egg.


Another great example of how the current leadership is actively seeking ways to take your taxes and reduce your services. For the oldest reason of them all, selling you out for the money.



Are firearms allowed in the library?

April 3rd, 2013 at 6:03 pm by Jerry Galland
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Considering the ADTA (Armed Defense Training Association) used to hold meetings at both of the Federal Way branches of the King County Library System, and there is no exemption in state law, I am pretty sure it is a non-issue.


Unless you are throwing out red herrings.


Click for an article some might be interested in concerning false perceptions and jumping to erroneous conclusions.


Read all about it from Mark Knapp

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