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Firearms Lawyer or Empty Chair

November 20th, 2012 at 6:34 pm by Jerry Galland
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Just curious. If the Firearms Lawyer was making timely and debatable contributions, why was he cancelled?

And if Occupy Federal Way is actually an empty chair, why are they still here?

Mark Knapp’s Firearms Lawyer was cancelled


Mark Knapp is a practicing attorney living in Federal Way, active member of the Chamber of Commerce and several other local organization, which certainly qualifies him as one of the “members of our community”. You have read his writings because he submits periodic firearms related articles for publication in the Federal Way Mirror. He also used to have a Community Blog, hosted by the Mirror, where he would frequently express points of interest.

His blog was removed.

Where is Occupy Federal Way

Established several months ago at the urging of, or invitation to, Randall Smith, Occupy Federal Way is prominently visible on the Mirror’s drop down menus Blogs and Opinion.

He has not updated his blog in over 5 months and Randall Smith actually lives somewhere in Oregon, far removed form the local climate.

His blog remains.



Big scramble before November 27

November 19th, 2012 at 7:58 pm by Jerry Galland
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So while the fire department keeps (and spends) deceitfully garnered  money against the will of the people (don’t want anyone to think I forgot) a feverish Roger Flygare camp is trying to upend the 30th district election.


Healed Ballots

There is a process by which the elections office sets aside any ballots that are not properly submitted. If the signature is missing or does not match what is on file, then your ballot is set aside and your vote does not count until you have ‘healed’ it.

The elections board sends you a letter and tells you what you need to do. Most people quickly complete it and send it back. Once all is right, your vote counts.


Campaign staff after election priority

A common  activity among losers is to seek out only those voters that records show would vote for them and send one of their campaign staff out to hand deliver the ballot.

This is called ‘healing the ballot’.

This process has been perfected by the Democrats in past elections. For some hypocrisy, the Democrats recently were in the news calling the kettle black when the King County Republican Party was having a few staff members help get some voters to the ballot boxes BEFORE the election.


The Current Flygare Crisis


Flygare has seen the writing on the wall but will not read it. Or if he has, he does not understand it.

Either is an amazing glimpse at who he really is. To the voters he said one thing, behind their backs he does another.

It is obvious that Roger is holding hope that he and his army of union helpers will heal enough ballots to upend his 800+ vote deficit.

This is how Flygare operates. No concern for the people looking for election closure.


The model to follow

The presidential election was settled in one day when Mitt Romney took the high ground and gracefully conceded.

The gubernatorial election ended in three days when Rob McKenna showed moral superiority and gracefully conceded.

Since he has proven he is incapable of leading with honorable principles, following such leaders is also a model against Flygare’s principles.

In the 39th district, Dishonored Roger Flygare has dragged his certain failure out for two weeks so far and intends to squander another week of uncertainty until the election is certified against him on November 27.

This disrespect for the voter and citizen will not be forgotten. Wait until he makes another run at public office. I will make sure the voters remember.

Who shows better leadership qualities?

Republicans have the interest in their country and the citizens forefront at all times.


Democrats have their own selfish interests in their sights at all times.









Consession call not part of ‘Honorable’ actions?

November 12th, 2012 at 10:15 am by Jerry Galland
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Again Roger Flygare has been defeated at the ballot.

As the results continue to prove who is the preferred candidate to represent us in Olympia, Flygare does his best to deny the voters closure.

And again he has not a modicum of honor to call his opponent and congratulate her personally for a race well deservedly won.

Why has he not called Linda Kochmar and congratulated her on her victory?

Why has he not contacted the Federal Way Mirror and the Tacoma News Tribune with the same fervor he used to trumpet his military record deceit?

Where is the ‘Honor” he demands from all but refuse to exhibit?

The answer is that Roger Flygare has no honor.

Roger Flygare, the voters have spoken. Time to concede and move on.

DeNile is not merely a river.


To see current up to date Flygare defeat numbers, visit the Washington Secretary Of State office

Flygare fails to get past his admitted military lies

November 8th, 2012 at 6:24 pm by Jerry Galland
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Looks like it is over for Flygare. The lie comes back to haunt him with the devil in the very appropriate 666 vote difference. More than doubling, the votes moved up from a 294 yesterday. How devilishly fitting.

In denial, and in sharp contrast to what Flygare version of reality,the lead for Linda Kochmar is widening, not shrinking.

“We knew that this would be a tight race, and we expect to see my opponent’s early lead shrink significantly over the next several days,” Flygare said in an email.


Of course, he may be hoping to for some ‘missing’ ballots to appear.

Fire District promises hiring 18 new firefighters by 2013? NOT!!!

October 30th, 2012 at 9:13 pm by Jerry Galland
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What the administration told you in their plea for passage of the Excess Levy for maintenance and operations:

“Our Board of Commissioners is putting forth a funding measure called an Excess Levy. This four (4) year levy will allow SKF&R to bridge the shortfall between current revenue and the actual cost of operating. The levy also allows SKF&R to open one of the closed aid units. Nine firefighter/EMTs are required to re-staff this response unit.”


So right there in plain English, our leadership told the public that raising taxes would be used to hire nine (9) new firefighters.

It was a hard sell since the last two measures put on the ballot failed.

This time every ounce of pressure was put on thousands spent in positive spin. The  measure narrowly passed and funding starts in 2013


Any other money coming in?

While not letting the public in on their scheme, what the fire department told FEMA when it sent in their plea for $1,817,649 dollars in SAFER grant money:

“This request for funding is for $1,817,649.00 which is for 9 firefighters for two year grant period of performance.

The department committed to the hiring of NINE new firefighters when it accepted the SAFER grant and factored this fresh money in their 2013 budget.


18 new firefighters to be on the streets by 2013

With the additional revenue from both the Excess Levy, and with documentation showing the department told the voters that their money would be used to hire nine (9) firefighter/EMTs,  and the FEMA SAFER Grant, for which the department also told the federal government that their money would be used to hire nine (9) firefighters, does anyone believe we are not going to hire eighteen (18) new firefighters?

It is either hire 18 new firefighters, as promised to get the money, or refuse whatever portion of the revenue required to offset the failure to perform.

After all, if you are not really going to do as you say, you have no right to keep the money, do you?

And being honorable and responsible elected officials and administration, these folks will do the public proud, right?

You know, they may need to approach the voters asking for money again soon and their credibility will be on the line.


The evaporating 7 firefighters

Disappearing faster than the steam from a fire hose sprayed on a residential fire, the department rapidly absorbs the new infusion of cash and outperforms David Copperfield by adopting a budget making 7 firefighters disappear:

 “The expense side of the budget reflects the hiring of eleven (11) new firefighters, with nine (9) of them funded through the SAFER Grant and two (2) funded through the approved maintenance and operations levy.”


Cash strapped and begging for money, your department used public sympathy to pass an Excess Levy to tax away your hard earned money while promising to use your money to hire NINE new Firefighters.

So why did three of your elected officials pass a 2013 budget using $3,500,000 to hire only two (2) firefighters? 

SKF&R passes budget, deceives voters about how many firefighters it will hire

October 23rd, 2012 at 7:40 pm by Jerry Galland
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Double dipping the revenue (thanks to you!!) but half the promised firefighters!

Tell FEMA one thing, tell the voter another, just don’t tell both of them the truth.

What Gives?


When the fire department asks you for more money, remember this slight-of-hand.

What does this phrase mean to you? It was on the ballot you voted YES for in August.

A Yes vote on the Excess Levy will “allow the district to re-staff an aid car for emergency responses“?

This appears in the Explanatory Statement, last sentence of the first paragraph.

If you thought the fire department intended to use your tax money to hire enough full time firefighters to put one aid car back on the street, you are DEAD WRONG!


Now read what this means to the fire department.


In January of this year South King Fire & Rescue (SKF&R) board of commissioners passed resolutions to put forth an Excess Levy to the voters of the district for $3.5 million per year for four (4) years.

At that time explaining in media and other print publications, and on the ballot measure description, that passage would put one aid unit back into service. To be clear, the staffing requirements for an aid unit in SKF&R fire district have been established to be nine (9) full time EMT trained firefighters. (FYI: All SKF&R firefighters are EMT trained)

In February of this year SKF&R applied for a SAFER Grant (read page 4) from FEMA requesting $1,817,649, which, if granted would require SKF&R to use the FEMA SAFER Grant funds to hire nine (9) full time firefighters

So why two revenue streams? Are we getting 18 new firefighters?


On July 20th, I sent a letter to Chief Church asking him to clear up some confusion for me.

 Can you clear up some confusion about what these two funding mechanisms are addressing?

Are the nine firefighters the FEMA grant is seeking to fund the same as the nine firefighters that the Excess Levy is seeking to fund?

If the Excess Levy passes, SKF&R has stated they intend to hire nine new firefighters to staff one aid unit. If the FEMA SAFER grant is approved and accepted, SKF&R is required to hire nine new firefighters. Does this mean that, should both funding measures be approved, SKF&R will be hiring eighteen new firefighters?

 (Chief Church has never answered my request for clarification.)


You voted for it but did you get it?

On August 7th of this year the voters approved the ballot measure adding $3.5 million per year to the budget for the next four (4) years.

Honoring the request by the fire department to delay there award, on August 10th FEMA announced that SKF&R was awarded the $1.8 million in SAFER grant money. Needless to say, greed kicked in and the district has accepted the grant in full.


 So let’s look at the details

A simple reading of the ballot and grant show that in order to satisfy these two recently approved revenue sources, a total of 18 full time firefighters must be hired starting in 2013


Thanks for the cash now “trust” us while we morph into the pit of deceit. 

Among this greedy pack of elected officials and crack administrators, one voice stood alone in dissent. Thank you Commissioner Mark Freitas for seeing the truth, speaking up for the taxpayers and voting NO.

The 2013 Budget that SKF&R to approve today (3-1 with Commissioner Freitas voting NO and Mark Thompson nowhere in sight), is in sharp contrast to the ballot measure sold to the voters enjoined by the SAFER Grant secured from FEMA, showing that now that they have your money, they are in fact only hiring a total of eleven (11) firefighters. But they are quickly passing out promotions, raising wages and increasing overtime.


So who got screwed?

You don’t mess with the federal government, so it was not FEMA.

But they will spin this to the voter because they know you won’t care.


What should they have done?


It is reasonable that the fire department would pursue both options, not knowing if either would be approved. However, once on was accepted, passed by the voter or granted by FEMA, then the other should have been refused.

Many believe the that the voted on Excess Levy, approved by voters of the district, should have been the accepted revenue choice. It provides greater revenue, was passed by the voters, covers a greater length of time and have greater flexibility for benefiting the district.

And once the vote was known, many also believe that the district should have breathed a collective sigh and notified FEMA that the grant was no longer needed.

That did not happen and the credibility of our administration and three elected commissioners was flushed.

You can bet they lost a major heap of credibility.


More Please!!

Also on the 2013 budget is $150,000 for an election.

Soon you will see the district putting another measure on the ballot. This time for about $65,000,000 for a new training center and fancy administration building.

Are you going to fall for that largesse?


Spin soon to follow

The district has morphed the Excess Levy into a “Trust Us” measure. They are telling us we do not know what is best for the district and they are arrogantly uniquely qualified to present revisionist history about what we were voting for.

Now that the budget was adopted,  I can’t wait for the press release, slick spin and apathetic acceptance by the media.


Roger Flygare’s days of deceit are numbered

October 14th, 2012 at 12:04 am by Jerry Galland
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I am aware now of several organizations interested in real honor for our military have expressed interest in investigating the repeated false claims of Roger G Flygare, candidate for public office.

It is only a matter of days before either redemption (I think not) or exposure will be fully realized.

A soon as I know something, I will publish it here.

Meanwhile, the main stream media that is suppose to present facts and unbiased reporting conveniently  skip over the details that don’t fit their desire and continue to endorse a known and admitted fraud for public office.





Roger, here is a link to help vindicate you.

October 10th, 2012 at 4:42 pm by Jerry Galland
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Do you know how easy it is to get your name listed on the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor? All you need to do is fill out the attached form and send it in to the registry.

Why has it taken over 40 years for Roger Flygare to apply?


Roger Flygare, let’s set the record straight

To your dismay, vague letters from old war buddies don’t prove anything other than you have friends who will back up your “story“.


Facts and data are what you need, And Fast.

Post the documents.


Is it possible that you not only lied about your number of tours, as you proved earlier, but that you do not have the proper verification to submit for enrollment to the Roll of Honor?


We know you lied to the Vietnam Veterans group so you could coerce a special multiple tour award out of them. (Your old war buddy never said one word of support for that claim.)

And we know that you have no integrity when it comes to accepting recognition you do not deserve. “When asked for an explanation of his lack of due diligence in not correcting his introduction and speech; Mr. Flygare’s response was that he cannot be responsible for what the Vietnamese misinterpreted.”

How much more of your career is based on outright fabrication?

Do you want off Roger’s list?

October 3rd, 2012 at 3:40 pm by Jerry Galland
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Still time to do the right thing
Below are the people and organizations that still stand with Roger Flygare even after he proved he repeatedly lied about his military service.
The community is responding and his extremely questionable military service record and ‘mis-spoken’ statements are quickly unraveling supporters.
For those still standing, their continued silence speaks volumes about their priorities and integrity as they remain quiet and tacitly complicit to the false world of Roger Flygare.
Call Roger right now at (253) 214-2999 and demand your name, and your organizations name, be removed from his endorsement list and not be associated with his campaign.
Taking no action now is open and tacit agreement for the deliberate mis-leading of you and the public about his military service, undermining the integrity and memory of those who rightfully deserve their awards.
I will strike from this list anyone who contacts me and says they no longer endorse Flygare for office. Just contact me through my website.
From the Roger Flygare endorsement page 10/3/12, here is the list of people and organizations that sadly do not care about the integrity of our military service:

Elected Officials and Candidates:

Brad Owen, Lieutenant Governor
Randy Dorn, State Superintendent of Public Education
Jay Inslee, Candidate, Governor
Tracey Eide, State Senator, 30th LD
Steve Conway, State Senator, 29th LD
Karen Keiser, State Senator, 33rd LD
Adam Kline, State Senator, 37th LD
Mark Miloscia, State Representative, 30th LD
Roger Goodman, State Representative, 45th LD
Bob Hasegawa, State Representative, 11th LD
Pat McCarthy, Pierce County Executive
Bob Ferguson, King County Councilmember
Larry Phillips, King County Councilmember
Mark Lindquist, Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney
Marilyn Strickland, Mayor of Tacoma
Pete Lewis, Mayor of Auburn
Bill Peloza, Auburn City Councilman
John Holman, Auburn City Councilman


The Federal Way Mirror
The Tacoma News Tribune
Federal Way Police Officer’s Guild
Washington State Patrol Troopers Association
South King County Professional Firefighters Local 2024
American Federation of Teachers
Washington Education Association
30th Legislative District Democrats
33rd Legislative District Democrats
King County Democrats
Pierce County Democrats
Pierce County Young Democrats
Boeing Aerospace Machinists Union Local 751
Cascade Bicycle Club
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 483
King County Labor Council, AFL-CIO
NARAL Pro-Choice Washington
Pierce County Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Pierce County Building and Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO
Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest
Professional Technical Employees Local 17
SEIU Healthcare Local 775NW
SEIU Local 925
SEIU Public School Employees Local 1948
UA Local 32
UAW Local 4121
Washington Public Employees Association, UFCW Local 365
Washington State Council of City & County Employees, AFSCME, AFL-CIO
Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO


Washington Freelance Shorthand Reporters Association
Alliance Reporting, Inc.
Muse Arts Zine
Pho Bach Vietnamese Restaurant
Shorty’s Grubhouse
Small, Snell, Weiss & Comfort


Pat Artz
Nona Brazier
Walter & Carolyn Brooks
Warren Chinn
Kathy Comfort
Brian and Dee Dirks
Colleen Donovan
Dylan Doty
Carroll Fisher
Rosa Franklin
Jerry Glass
Scott & Kim Goff
James Grayson
Chuck Hardaway
Charlie Hoff
Jeffrey Holden
Larry L. Jackson
Rick Jensen
H. David Kaplan
Christopher Lewis
Gene & Nora Lindbo
Ralph Lund
Paul Mallary
David Morse
Ateldoora D. Nightmoon-Barnum
Jean Noe
Bill Parsons
Jim Perkins
Jim Peters
Vickie Pinson
Rick & Kari Priest
Mary Quinn
Phil & Vickie Schmuck
Steve Sheeley
Ron Simosky
Kate & John Smith
David Snell
David Charles Snell, Esq.
Zoya Spencer
David Storey
Chris Truppner
Keith Tyler
Susan Walker
Miland Walling
Beverly Warnke
Jemmie Wear
John B. Welsh, Jr.
Dianne Zoro
Beth Zubitis

Carefully Crafted delay

August 28th, 2012 at 1:36 pm by Jerry Galland
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…”Please don’t share the information as “the chief” wants to keep the SAFER Grant application under wraps from the commissioners”…


I have written about the intentional delay in letting the public know about the $1.8 million dollar grant until AFTER we voted to raise our taxes $3.5 million each year.


Nicely, that was successful. The ballot measure passed on August 7th and the grant was conveniently announced on August 10th.


Did the administration have anything to do with the timing of these multimillion dollar tax increases?


Some Facts to Ponder


Let’s read what Donna Connor had to write about it.

During weeks of preparation, last February, (while the commissioners were considering putting the Excess Levy on the ballot) Ms. Conner sends an email to several other schemers citing the need  for secrecy:


…”Please don’t’ share the information as “the chief” wants to keep the SAFER Grant application under wraps from the commissioners”…


So while I accuse the leadership of intentionally deceiving the public in their duplicitous funding scheme, apparently the chief culprit is more easily identified.


How about from a Federal Government employee?


This attempt at cover-up apparently reached further. All the way to the federal government as evidenced by the email to Ms. Conner from FEMA program assistant Brian Ipsen on May first showing that even he was not sure who it was safe to share secret information with:

…”I hope I don’t get you in trouble, Gordy called me and I told him that he should talk to you since you already asked the question”…


Let’s plot out the delaying tactic so the public is kept in the dark

Just days after the failed vote in April, Ms Conner writes of working on Plan B. Asking a Department of Homeland Security employee in an email dated April 30  what she termed (in bold) a “hypothetical question about SAFER“, Ms. Conner writes:

…”However my administration has told the union membership that if we get awarded for 2011 SAFER that they are going to ask for an extension right away.”


And on May 2nd, in response to a query about the anticipated news, Chief Church responds, again only to a select few internal administration:

“I hope we don’t hear for a longgggggggg while…”


But the chief wants to be transparent and open. Right?


Other internal emails to and from Chief Al Church detail controlling the need to keep the public from knowing about the SAFER grant at all costs.

Continuing to exclude the elected officials from any discussion, on June 22 he sent an email to several in the administration which contained the following:

“I will not accept any grant until after August 7th.
So…even if we are awarded something prior to August 7th, we will need to see if we can request an extension.”


We will read some reports in the paper about the grand work the department has done on our behalf in securing the coveted SAFER grant and selling the public on the EXCESS LEVY.


Even though this only came to light after I forced the issue, I suspect some spin will be spun to make it sound all above board.

But here is glaring proof of collusion and cover-up within our fire district.

What do you think?


I will be getting some more information from FEMA employees through the Freedom of Information Act, that should detail further the deliberate actions on the part of this department to secret from disclosure millions in added funding while simultaneously publicly begging crisis at the ballot.

Let’s see how well the new information dovetails with what the department disclosed.

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